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Web-Buddies.com Shared Hosting  (Click here to check it out)

Looking for a great host to support your communication on the internet? 
Check out  E-2-A's Web-Buddies plans for hosting your web site.

Web-Buddies is an affordable and friendly hosting service. Our plans can easily accommodate your existing web pages or inspire the development of a new web site for your needs. Web-Buddies is unique in offering hosting plans that include hosting multiple domains at very affordable prices.

You can manage one site for your unit or offer your dens and patrols separate sites that your unit web master can coordinate and control.

Example 1 (Sub-Domains):
If your unit was Pack 999.

Your website could be Pack999.org
Then, you could ad sub-domains for each den.

Example 2 (Sub-Domains):
Your troop could have a web site with a separate site for each patrol.    Let's say Troop 748 has four patrols (fox, bats, deer and wrens)

You might use the following site with listed sub-domains:

             www.troop748.org (main site)
             www.fox.troop748.org   (sub-domain)
             www.bats.troop748.org   (sub-domain)
             www.deer.troop748.org   (sub-domain)
             www.wrens.troop748.org   (sub-domain)

Example 3 (Parking a Domain):
If your organization wanted to protect several extensions.  Let's say your domain was www.coloradopack211.org
   You could park www.coloradopack211.
com, and

Parking a domain is a simple way to re-direct visitors who accidently type in the wrong extension.

Example 4  (Multiple Domains):
If your organization owned more than one domain name, you could manage more than one domain, as a separate site.

Let's say you contolled, www.pack237.org and www.troop247.org, and www.crew237.org.  They could all easily be controlled under one management system.

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