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To provide educational programs and services that inform, inspire and empower.
To design innovative, exciting and fun educational programs that exceed the expectations
     of our clients.
To provide premier consulting and assistance to interested organizations and individuals.


* High regard and respect for every individual

* Dare to dream… think big
* Nurturing strong character and ethical decision making
* Complete avoidance of  sarcasm, cynicism or innuendo

* Consistently exceed expectations
* World class programming, consulting, research & evaluation, and support services
* Strong focus on attention to detail and consistency
* Synergy is valued

* Family oriented and strong interest maintaining repeat customers
* Impeccable ethics, honesty and highest professional standards
* Long view on improvement… Success as a journey not a destination
* Hands-on, Minds-on experiential focus

* Awareness and integration of current educational methods.
* Failure is seen as part of the process, a chance to start over.

* Cutting edge use of technology with focus on technology as a tool to help people achieve
* Standards of excellence and expectations
* Best solution… open for continuous improvement
* Thriving in our journey rather than just surviving

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